SwirlyMMS² & SwirlyNet™

SwirlyMMS² is messaging on steroids for the iPhone! The SwirlyMMS² application is easy to use and contains numerous features, from basic sending and receiving of MMSes, to the killer feature: send and receive MMSes for free to and from friends within SwirlyNet™! Yes, MMSes sent and received within SwirlyNet™ really are free! Gratis

SwirlyMMS has been downloaded more than 3 million times and is actively used in well above 400 carrier networks in more than 130 countries all over the world!

Download and Installation

SwirlyMMS² is available for jailbroken iPhones. It is very easy to download and install SwirlyMMS² via Cydia, the installation program that comes with the jailbreak (read here to learn all about jailbreaking). After the automatic configuration of your MMS settings you will be ready to send and receive MMSs!

Just a $6 upgrade and $12 to buy!

SwirlyMMS², which is the follow-up to the popular SwirlyMMS v1.x, costs only $12 for new customers, while upgraders get it for $6! The purchase is made from your iPhone via Cydia Store, or via our own PayPal shop. You do not need a PayPal account and you can pay using a major credit card like VISA and MasterCard.

To get started, have a look in the User’s Guide !

The rich feature set includes:

  • Send and receive MMSes consisting of pictures, video, audio, text … just about anything actually
  • Send and receive SMSes
  • Send MMS & SMS messages for free to your SwirlyMMS² friends via SwirlyNet™
  • Built-in text-to-speech
  • 3gp video encoding
  • Built-in voice recorder.
  • Save a received audio clip (mp3, amr, caf, etc) as an iPhone Ringtone or as an MMS alert sound.
  • All SwirlyMMS² messages saved by iTunes
  • Customize the MMS alert sounds to any sound of your choice.
  • Reply to a received MMS with a normal text SMS.
  • Visual feedback on delivery status (a green check when the MMS has been received by the recipient).
  • Attach a signature of your choice to every MMS that you send.
  • Attach your current GPS location automatically to the MMSes that you send.
  • When retrieving a GPS location, it can be viewed in .
  • Save your draft MMSes to the Drafts folder.
  • Bulit-in media viewer
  • Animated GIFs
  • User controlled resizing of pictures sent
  • UserAgent emulation (in addition to the native iPhone also: Motorola V360, Nokia N73, Nokia N95, SonyEricsson W800i, and Samsung Black Jack 2)
  • Built in FAQ
  • Built in Camera
  • Separate folders for received (Inbox), sent (Sent), erased (Trash) and Draft MMSes
  • MMS settings wizard, which allows for automatic configuration of your MMS settings, much easier and faster than the old, classic OTA method (receive settings via an SMS).
  • Possibility to receive automatic OTA (Over The Air) settings (More info here…).
  • Up to 10 different media parts when composing a new MMS
  • Up to 50 different media parts in a received MMS
  • Address book integration
  • Possibility to browse the iPhone file system and include any file when composing a new MMS
  • Possibility to save individual media parts anywhere on the iPhone file system
  • Reply to sender, or forward the message
  • Send to multiple recipients
  • Save an MMS media part image to your camera roll and view it with the Photo or Camera application
  • When composing an MMS with several media parts, you can easily rearrange and remove any part.

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