by SwirlySpace
Release: Nov 20, 2009

SwirlyScreen™ is a LockScreen app that is instantly activated when you turn on your iPhone and shows the time with seconds and date with the current week number as well as a random photo from your camera roll tagged with its timestamp!

So, when the iPhone is asleep and you either press the power button on top or the home menu button, the iPhone wakes up and, with SwirlyScreen™ installed, it shows you the time with the seconds ticking as well as an extended date format together with the current week! This is very convenient for all you who like being punctual and for those of you who need to know current week number. As a bonus a random photo taken from your camera roll is shown to you, which hopefully makes you smile! :-) Oh, and this photo is even tagged with the date and time it was taken! Also, if you like to see the photos nearby the shown photo you are able to do so by standard page flicking!

A picture or two say much more than words so have a look at the screenshots below!

SwirlyScreen™ features:
  • Shows seconds
  • Shows week
  • Shows a random photo from your Camera Roll
  • Shows the photo's timestamp
  • Lets you flick back and forth between your photos

Installation and setup instructions of SwirlyScreen™
SwirlyScreen™ has no application icon of its own, so you cannot start it as an ordinary application. Instead, SwirlyScreen™ starts automatically as soon as you wake your iPhone up, i.e. when you press the Power button or press the Home Menu button.
After having installed SwirlyScreen™ from Cydia you must enable it! This is done in the iPhone's main Settings menu by navigating to: Settings->Cydget->Lock Cydgets. In this screen just make sure that SwirlyScreen is enabled by clicking it and place it on the top of all other cydgets. You may also disable the other cydgets if you so wish.

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