Help us at SwirlySpace help you with SwirlyMMS!

We are planning a new feature to be included in the next release of SwirlyMMS, which will ease the configuration of the settings considerably. The idea is to setup a database with settings data at SwirlySpace.com and allow SwirlyMMS to query the database for the settings, either automatically after a fresh installation or manually from the settings screen. The user, that is you, will then be able to select the appropriate settings for your service operator from a list that is shown to you.

The only problem is that we need to setup that database. Sure, we have lots of settings spread around at SwirlySpace.com, particularly in our forum: Usable Settings, but some of these are out-dated and we would like to have a fresh set of data. We aim to keep these settings up-to-date, which will be much easier a task when we have them all collected in one place, instead of spread out all over our site.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to help us by submitting your working MMS settings in this form. In return you will get a much easier setup the next time you need to configure SwirlyMMS!

1) Your country:

2) Which carrier/service operator are you with?

3) MMSC:

4) Proxy:

5) APN: (leave empty if there is no APN)

6) Username: (leave empty if there is no Username)

7) Password: (leave empty if there is no Password)

8) [OPTIONAL] Feel free to leave a message or comment on just about anything!

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