What's all this About?

Well, I don't know really... Let's just wait and see how this turns out :-)

The most urgent reason for me putting up this web site was to have a home for the MMS application. But I have been thinking about putting up a site for a long, long time. Now, since I'm interested in software development (and yes, I have other interests too, I think, ehh) I will dedicate this site to stuff related to software development. At least for now...

I created this site on Dec 6th, 2007 so I haven't had much time to fill the swirly spaces yet.

All About Me

I am a dedicated software developer, living in the Gothenburg area on the west coast of Sweden with my wife and two twin kids.

If you wan't to contact me, feel free to drop me an email at tommy at swirlyspace dotty com

Hey, wait a minute!

What's this "swirly"-thingie all about?