SwirlyMMS² & SwirlyNet
Messaging on Steroids
SwirlySpace is very excited to announce the new and groovy SwirlyMMS² and SwirlyNet, packed with shiny new and electrifying features, available from CydiaStore now. What follows is a selection of swirly cool features!
With SwirlyNet you can now send and receive MMSes for free to your SwirlyMMS friends. SwirlyNet is seamlessly integrated with the normal MMS send and receive activities making it trivial to use. See you in the SwirlyNet!
A built-in voice recorder allowing you to easily record and send audio clips via MMS. This can be really useful - and fun!
Save a received audio clip as an iPhone Ringtone or as an MMS alert sound. This will make your iPhone friends envy you!
Customize the MMS alert sounds to any sound of your choice. This can be done for the following events: sent MMS, received MMS, delivered MMS and error situations.
Reply to a received MMS with a normal text SMS. This can save you megabucks.
Keep an eye on when your friends have received your MMS! No check: they didn't receive it yet. Grey check: one or more, but not all, have received it. Green check: all recipients have received it.
Attach your signature of choice to each outgoing MMS, which can also include your current GPS location.
As if sending a signature wasn't enough, SwirlyMMS² also provides the possibility to directly open a received GPS position in !
Save your draft MMSes to the Drafts folder for later editing and sending.
Available in 20 (!) different languages.
Happy MMSing!
The SwirlyTeam

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